PROFESIONALES has done projects in these areas:

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  • Milk industry

    Milk industry

  • PILI S.A.Reconversion of the cheese line production. Investment : US$1.700.000

    GUALEGUAY S.A.Milk processing firm, investment project to provide necessary resources and training to export to Mercosur. Investment: US$1.500.000

    LA ROSARINA Building of a plant specialized in producing long life milk. Investment: US$ 1.380.000.

    GRANJA ROLAND Set up of a biotechnical laboratory to obtain reproductives for export. Investment: US$ 1.300.000

    CEREALIN S.A. Installation of a plant for milk packaging. Investment: US$ 1:000.000

  • Fruit and vegetables

    Fruit and vegetables

  • MIGRANJA S.A.Fruit and vegetable plantations for export, including packing and refrigerating chambers. Investment: US$ 20:000.000, with participation of the IMF and the World Bank. Declared of National Interest.

    MOVIMIENTO DE HORTICULTORES DE SALTO.Diversification of production with the introduction of fruit planting and new investment in packaging. Investment: US$ 6.500.000.

    MENONI HNOS.Increase in the production of peaches, construction of packaging facilities and a refrigerating chamber. Investment: US$ 2.100.000.

    FORBEL. Installation of a packing plant and a refrigerating chamber. Investment: US$ 1.500.000.

    UNIÓN NARANJERA SALTEÑA S.A. Packing for citrus export. Investment: US$ 1:500.000.

    ZEPHYR-CELTON. Increase of the production capacity and export of citrus through acquisition of another firm. Investment: US$ 1.200.000.

    UNSSA. Processing plant for fruit juices. Investment: US$ 700.000.

  • Cattle


  • BIOPORK S.A.Pig raising farm and refrigerating plant in Argentina. Investment: US$ 130:000.000.

    PIGUSA SA.Pig raising farm and refrigerating plant. Declared of National Interest. Investment: US$ 32.000.000. 

    FRIGORÍFICO PANDO.Commercial and productive reengineering.  Investment: US$ 2.650.000, 00.

    FRIGORIFICO DEL ESTE S.A.Reconditioning of the refrigerating plant.  Investment: US$1.500.000.

    LABORATORIO SANTA ELENA.Analysis of different alternatives for restructures Investment: between US$ 1.000.000 and 2.000.000 depending on different alternatives.

    ZAFFARONI.Building of a refrigerating plant.  Investment: US$ 350.000.

  • Tourism


  • BILDESOL S.A.Construction of a 5 star hotel. Investment: US$ 12.000.000.

    PINARES.Creation of a vacation resort. Investment: US$10.000.000.

    TERMAL KANAREK SA.Vacation resort. Investment: US$ 3.000.000. Declared National Interest

    BELTUR.Construction of a 4 star hotel. Investment: US$1.370.000. Declared National Interest

    CARODEL SRL.Construction of a hostel. Investment: US$ 1.250.000

    LOS CRÍOS.Construction of a rural resort.  Investment: US$ 875.000. Declared National Interest

    HOTEL ALESNA.Restructure of a hotel.  Investment: US$ 600.000. Declared National Interest

    LA CALAGUALA.Resort. Investment: US$ 510.000.

    SANTA ROSA DEL DAYMÁN.Rural tourism Investment: US$ 460.000. Declared National Interest

  • Agriculture


  • NAMOX.Building of a plant for processing and storing of rice. Investment: US$ 3.700.000.

    CONTICOR S.A.Storing and other services plant Investment: US$ 3.000.000. Declared National Interest

    SR. LUIS ALVESRice drying plant Investment :US$ 1.500.000.

    OLINA S.A.Rice mill and storage. Investment : US$ 1.000.000.

    ACAMAY.Rice drying plant with storage capacity and water for irrigation. Investment: US$ 820.000.

    TRES ISLAS S.A.Rice drying plant with storage capacity. Investment: US$ 470.000.  

  • Forestry


  • E.T.F. S.A.Plantation for export. Investment: US$ 64.000.000.

    FONDO FORESTAL MINASInvestment fund for plantation of eucalyptus Value of the fund: US$ 14.000.000.

    IDALEN S.A. (UCM).(UCM). Plantation and sawmill Investment: US$3.000.000.

    BOSQUE 2000.Plantación. Investment: US$2.000.000.

  • Others


  • DISCOUNT BANK (LATIN AMERICA). Construction of a new building with parking lot. Investment: US$ 4.000.000.

    QUINDE S.A. Rocks processing plant. Investment: US$ 4.000.000.

    CH.M.RAJCHMAN Y HNO. S.A. Cotton plantation. Investment: US$ 4:000.000.

    PETFOOD. Pet food plant. Investment: US$ 3.350.000.

    URUKOR S.A. Joint venture. Carton producing fabric. Investment: US$ 2:740.000. Declared National Interest

    INCARPA S.A. New equipment Investment: US$1.500.000.

    FOSSATI SRL. Leather factory. Investment: US$ 1.500.000.

    THE ELEPHANTS S.A. Black granite extraction. Investment: US$ 1.000.000.

    CALSAL. Increase in capacity of plant Investment: US$ 945.000.

    BIC del URUGUAY S.A. Increase in capacity of plant Investment: US$ 700.000.

    NILME. Honey industry. Investment: US$ 230.000. Declared National Interest.

    PLAZA VIDIELLA. Investments in a wine cellar. Investment: US$ 150.000.

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