Luis Romero Alvarez – Director

Luis Romero Alvarez - Director
Romero obtained a degree as an Agricultural Engineer in 1981 in Montevideo and a Master of Arts in Economics and Finance (1983) at the University of Chicago. He has worked as an independent consultant since 1984 in project evaluations in the agribusiness sector.

He began his career by serving in various positions in the Uruguayan government, including terms as Auditor to the Central Bank of Uruguay (1984-1985), Advisor to the Minister of Economics and Finance (1986-1988), and Director of Agricultural Policy at the Ministry of Cattle, Agriculture and Fisheries (1989-1990). He started Consultora Profesionales SRL in 1992, specializing in the formulation, appraisal, and implementation of investment projects, financial planning, and companies’ organization.

In 2004 he formed a partnership (Farm and Forestry Management Services) with F&W Forestry Services and Marshall Thomas, offering forestland acquisition and management services in Uruguay and the Southern Cone region. FMS assisted in the acquisition of 100000 hectares of forest, agricultural, and recreational land in Uruguay and Brazil, and currently manages the same property. Romero publishes regular editorials on agribusiness, economic and political issues in the Uruguayan newspapers, and for several years was the host of a radio program on the agribusiness sector in Uruguay. He has published five books of compilations of his editorials.

Alejandro Lyonnet

Alejandro LyonnetHe received his Agricultural Engineer degree from the University of the Republic, Uruguay, in 1995. In 1998 he received his post-graduate degree in Business Administration from the same University. From 1996 to 1997 he was hired consultant in the evaluation of performance of an exporting office from the Ministry of Cattle and Agriculture. In 1997 he joined the consulting firm Profesionales SRL to act in the areas of formulation and evaluation of investment projects, loan consultation, mergers & acquisitions, etc. Simultaneously, from 1998 to 2001 he managed the company Proforraje SRL which provided tillage and site preparation services. Currently Lyonnet is the Uruguayan country manager for FMS, responsible for the management of 40000 hectares of forestland as well as acquisition support.

Carlos Saint-Upéry

Carlos Saint-UpéryHe received his Agricultural Engineer degree from the University of the Republic, Uruguay, in 1996. From 1995 to 1996 he worked for the Notaries Pension Fund as a field technician in a beef essay for the Faculty of Agronomy, which concluded in his thesis work. In 1996 he joined Profesionales SRL as a consultant in formulation and evaluation of investment projects in several sectors. He has extensive experience in the development of financial projects and in mergers and acquisitions, including valuation of intangible assets. He has been a columnist in forest topics in a monthly magazine (1998), co-writer of the magazine of the Rural Association of Uruguay (1999-2000), and co writer in the Tiempo Uruguayo newspaper (2005-2006). Saint-Upéry is the Southern Cone Regional Acquisition coordinator, responsible for coordinating acquisitions activities across the region, including property identification, screening, and analysis.

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